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    Cafeteria and Arts Centre
    A Social Co-operative Enterprise for the integration of vulnerable young adults
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    Myrtillo Cafe
    Cafeteria and Arts Centre
    Best spot in Athens to enjoy a quality coffee
"Myrtillo Cafe"
Cafe - Athens
MYRTILLO is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with a Special Purpose (the integration of vulnerable groups into the labour market) incorporated under Law 4019/2011.

Myrtillo has been operating as a cafeteria and arts centre since October 2013. It is an innovative self-supporting business and training entity, where all employees are jointly responsible for its viability.

At present (February 2017) 90% of those who work in Myrtillo belong to vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities).
+30 2110123176
+30 6971759463
Email: myrtillocafe@gmail.com & myrtillocafe2@gmail.com   



Trifilias & Lampsa street
Ampelokipoi, Athens

10 minutes from "Panormou" metro station

Mo - Su 09:00 - 23:00
Cafeteria and Arts Centre
Myrtillo is an innovative self-supporting business and training entity, where all employees are jointly responsible for its viability.
What "Training and Education" means for Myrtillo
Even though we started with no capital, even though the tax concessions envisaged in the Law under which we were incorporated were repealed, and even though we continue with the daily anxiety of surviving in the present time of economic crisis without subsidies or grants, our great capital resource is and has always been our emphasis on human values and the human person, the person who is able to conquer monsters and give meaning to his life with truth and give that form to things which makes them 'beautiful'.
            Those who work with us receive daily multi-dimensional training, a training which initially was based on the great arts (literature, drama and music), on the cultivation of self-awareness and on the transmission of the values ​​of sociality and solidarity. Our goal is for those who work in Myrtillo to learn a job that will secure for them a living, but also a job that will give them the joys of sociability and a sense of creativity. more

We arrange on a daily basis events of all kinds, such as seminars, conferences, book presentations, theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, parties, anniversaries, celebrations, bazaars, small festivals (in the outdoor area and in the park).

In the three years since we opened, we have staged over 200 events.

We can accommodate up to 130 people and have the equipment required for most needs (an audio system, screen, projector, etc.).
The main area is non-smoking, but there is a specially designed adjoining area for smokers.

Our courtyard area is located within the lush green KAPAPS park, which includes a children's playground, pedestrian pathways and lending libraries for children. All in all, it is an oasis for children and adults in the heart of Athens beneath the bright Attic sky! more

For more persons please call us on (+30)6971-759463
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